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Conquering Your Spiritual Challenges

When: 1-3 September 2017

Where: 34 Peterplace Road, Bryanston. 2021

Access your inner peace & wellbeing irrespective of whatever situation you are experiencing in your life at any point?

All of us have had a taste of being emotionally imbalanced, disturbed and challenged. The following are some of the things that have capacity to induce unwarranted stresses:

  • Being fired at work or in a relationship
  • Delayed work deadline that is impossible to fulfill
  • Children rearing
  • Being taken for granted in a relationship, be it love or work issues
  • Miscommunication between life partner, spouse or any loved one
  • Being late for an important appointment
  • Grieving (Loss of loved one)
  • Emptiness from within due to Spiritual demands
  • Procrastination

Before we know it, the stress gets the best of us creating negative feelings, emotional eruptions, bad judgements, arrogant and or even manifesting some dis-eases and many other challenges in your life. It is a natural phenomenon to experience emotional and spiritual challenges. It is given that to show that we are alive, we will always meet with situations that will trigger both our emotional & spiritual wellbeing in different directions, either in happiness or unhappiness. These situations can cause pain which triggers anxiety and uncertainty. However, Deepak Chopra, teaches that: “when we become stuck in an extreme emotion – like anger, depression, anxiety or guilt – that emotion begins to dictate how we live our lives and can end up having a negative impact on our health and our relationships, distorting our view of ourselves and the world, and limiting our ability to live life to its fullest”.


Would you like to understand the jewel of exploring the choices that can assist you how to respond to any challenging situation?

  • These choices will assist you to allow guidance from the inner soul of balance irrespective of other people’s behavior around you.
  • Understanding the significance of choices will liberate you emotionally & spiritually.

Hence Pelonngwe Wellness Retreat & Spa has created this event on how to conquer your emotion and spiritual challenges. A two nights event that will guide you through a powerful step-by- step healing process to liberate you from Your Thoughts, to achieve a state of sustainable happiness.

  • Perhaps you’re stuck in a habitual pattern like perfectionism, blame, guilt or anger –
  • Or maybe you’re operating from a place of fear and anxiety in your relationships
  • Or you might be having the same, tired argument or the same old relationship problems with different people – and often find yourself asking, “Am I really here again?”
  • Or maybe you just feel too easily triggered and quick to get overwhelmed, always yelling or always crying
  • Or your mood swing is unbelievably overpowering who you really are.

If scenarios explained above speaks to your life right now, and you are eager to transcend to a higher state of spiritual & emotional wellbeing to respond to whatever life holds for you, you are cordially invited to join us at Pelonngwe Wellness Retreat & Spa, For Conquering Emotions event on the 1-3rd  September 2017

During this spiritual moving event, you will engage in a powerful, proven healing process to help you identify and release the old conditioning, limiting and negative thoughts that trigger overwhelming emotions and enhance the newly opened clean space in your heart with love, strength, and true fulfillment.


At the 2 night event, Conquering Emotions event, under the guidance of this remarkable healer, you will:

  • Become grounded in the truth that you are not your emotions – you will have the ability to decide if they lead you or if you lead them.
  • Identify and release old thought-patterns and buried pain – and start to open to your full potential for happiness and calm, centered wellbeing.
  • Begin to offer yourself compassion for whatever emotion arises in your experience – instead of heaping judgment on yourself for what you are feeling.
  • Challenge the limiting thoughts and conditioning behind your reactive emotions – and begin to see clearly whether they are based in truth or only the perception of truth.
  • Learn to tap into your own innate ability to rebalance your energy – so you can begin to find equanimity whenever stressful situations occur or negative emotions threaten to overwhelm you.
  • Practice being the witness, not the puppet, of your emotions – so you become free to respond at the highest level in any situation and no matter how anyone else behaves.
  • Discover simple, yet powerful tools to help you rise above your emotions in any given moment – so you return home more present, centered, and self-aware.


What you will get

When you register for the Pelonngwe Conquering Emotions event, you’ll receive everything you need to take full advantage of your 2-day event, including:

  • Three delicious & Nutritious Plant Based Meals
  • An open invitation to daily meditation and beginners’ yoga sessions that’s accessible to everyone
  • Spa treament services

SPACE VERY LIMITED TO ONLY 30 PEOPLE : Closing Date : 25th August 2017


Sekgopi-Salejwe Nyhonyha

Pelonngwe Wellness Retreat & Spa

Starts On:
September 01, 2017
6:00 PM
Ends On:
September 03, 2017
6:00 AM
Event Passed
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