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It is a process whereby oxygenated water is infused slowly into the colon through a Datolo colon treatment equipment, under very slow and low pressure into the rectum channel

Once the colon is full, the water from the colon together with waste products, are released through a viewing tube into the drainage

The colon is gently flushed and irrigated to loosen the impacted faecal matter. This process is very safe, private and comfortable. This process is more effective than enema as it cleanses the entire large intestine


Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Heightens the nutrients absorption
  • Loosens the compacted faecal matter
  • Flushes the Colon
  • Reduces toxicity levels
  • Eliminates parasites and candida
  • Detoxifies the Liver
  • Increases energy level
  • Relieves constipation
  • Balances the micro-flora ecosystem
  • Improves Digestion
  • Purifies the Gastro intestinal organs

It is an innovative technique for facilitating detox and drainage while simultaneously fostering health pH changes in the body. Its equipment evaluates the energetic status of the body before and after each treatment. It assists clients in transition to disease free living.

This is one of its own massage bed imported from Germany for its great therapy to soothe aching muscles and bone. It facilitates a thermal sand therapy. It is reported that with warm sand used it can treat the pain associated with slipped discs, Ischia nerve and circulation problems muscle stiffness, exhaustion symptoms.

Ozone therapy is a preventative therapy that deactivates unwanted bacteria, viruses, fungi to stimulate oxygen in the body. This therapy is done by the patient sitting inside ozone-resistant steam cabinet, with a shape of a “pod” like, while the head is out and the body is surrounded by the warm steam. The steam allows the skin pores to open; the ozone is introduced into the cabinet by the silicon tubing from the generator sending the ozone messengers to tissues: blood, lymph and fat.

This program will be determined by the results of the clients’ health and wellness risk assessment reports. Then our resident Doctor will then recommend which of our services will be suitable for each individual hence they are personalized.

All spa services includes massage, reflexology, facial, pedicure and manicure. The live blood testing analysis and dosha quiz are the key component of these services.


First Step before treatment


Live blood analysis is an easier and graphic way to gain insight of client’s health and wellness status including their level of toxicity. It is a non-invasive test which reveals one’s current health and wellness status. It assists the health practitioner to reliably demonstrate what clients ought to know affording them means to correct imbalances in their quest to optimal health, it gives an insight of the current status of their clients systems. It is a useful preventative health and wellness care.

Live blood analysis facilitates discussion between a client and health practitioner, as soon as the client’s abnormalities are shown on the computer screen to identify the risks factors. Possible corrective measures can be suggested to mitigate the irregularities and anomalies.


This mind – body questionnaire gathers information about your basic nature the way you were as a child or basic patterns that have been true most of your life.

Dosha quiz is one’s basic constitution. It is determined at the moment of conception and relates to your generationally inherited physical and emotional qualities.It specifically relates to those qualities, characteristics and tendencies that are stable.

Body constitution analysis is enlivened and described by three main Doshas of forces:

Vita, Pitta and Kapha. Those can be loosely translated as Air, Fire and Earth respectively. All of us have all three doshas in our constitution in unique proportions.


CEHWs assist executives in health management to reduce absenteeism due to ill health.

A comprehensive medical history review;

  • A full range of preventive screening tests for early detection of cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions;
  • A heart (cardiovascular) fitness evaluation;
  • A review and update of medications, vaccinations and immunizations, including those needed for international travel
  • A lifestyle assessment including review of nutrition, stress management, alcohol,
  • tobacco, and other indicators of disease
  •  A full report of your test results

The client’ evaluation results are confidential.

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