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A solution to health crisis is for people to start: Taking personal responsibility of their own health and wellness. Choosing social and business opportunities that enhance their health and wellness rather than reducing them. Balancing all cornerstones of wellness, namely, Emotional Intelligence; Spirituality; Physical Wellbeing; Social, Economic Environment.

Unlike many spas from around the world, we focus more on beauty from within. We create sustainable Life Style Change Management programs to encourage guests to take responsibility of their own wellness and health destiny.

South African Wellness Industry

Wellness is being grossly misinterpreted within the industry. The word wellness is used interchangeably with the word spa. This misinterpretation grants Pelonngwe an opportunity to be on the forefront of the evolution of the wellness industry in SA

Pelonngwe is on its way to revolutionise the wellness industry in SA. Pelonngwe has the right mix in terms of the partnerships and associations. The management team has an unstoppable passion towards making a difference in other people’s lives. Pelonngwe ultimately intends on working with the Department of Health and the Department of Education to regulate the industry.